3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt

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Are you headed to the baseball diamonds?  Bowling?  Gonna toss a horseshoe or maybe some bunnock?  DO IT AS A TEAM with QDM's new line of baseball T-Shirts!

These units have been FULLY tested on the diamonds of Tuffnell - and the best part?  If you get tired of the sleeves you can just hack em off and presto!  Suns out guns out!!

9 ounces of premium 50/50 poly/cotton jersey will have you comfy while you trot around the bases after socking a dinger OR as you sit in Emergency waiting for an x-ray after diving over the homerun fence to try and impress that one single person in the stands of Tuffnell.

Quick Dick (6'1") is wearing a size Medium.

Ky (5'6") is wearing a size Small.